Phase 2

Option Selection

The N4 Carrick-on-Shannon to Dromod Project is currently at Phase 2, Option Selection.

Once the need for an intervention has been established and a set of scheme objectives developed, a process for identifying alternatives and options that address the need for the intervention is required.

Although the consideration of options is determined largely by local conditions, there are a number of specific options which should be considered:

  • Do-Minimum Option (The Base Case)
    • The Do-Minimum Option provides the baseline for establishing the economic, integration, safety, environmental and accessibility impacts of all options.
  • Do-Something Option(s)
    • A Do-Something Option(s) seeks to utilise the existing asset where feasible through on-line improvements, bottleneck removals, road safety works, traffic management measures or Intelligent Transport Systems.

A range of potential options will be developed taking into consideration the views of the public through public engagement and consultation. A preferred option will emerge following project appraisal exercises and further consultation with the public.

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